Display trays and baking sheets for counters

Our display trays are particularly suitable for the presentation of your baked goods and are made of the highest quality materials.
Basically, our display trays are made of high quality aluminum alloy and stainless steel.
The display trays are available in different sizes and finishes, for example, pickled, anodized or powder coated.
Counter plates and display plates made of aluminum or stainless steel. Stained, anodized, powder-coated or with leather structure,
different edge heights, for example seamless drawn with rounded corners or with open corners.
Cleaning with standard dishwashing detergents, not suitable for dishwashers.
As Backblechkoenig GmbH based in Hamburg, we manufacture our products exclusively for you, therefore this offer is aimed at commercial customers.
Our counter trays are especially suitable for the presentation of your baked goods, for the sales counter and the transport of cakes, pies and pastries.
Ideally suited for catering, food industry, bakers, industry, confectioners or store fitters.
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