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Backblechkoenig is a german manufacturer, based in Hamburg, Germany, with over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing products made of aluminium, AluSteel (steel coated with aluminium on both sides), stainless steel and carbon steel. We supply and deliver within Germany, Europe and worldwide.


We specialise…

… in manufacturing equipment for bakeries and patisseries. We manufacture over two thousand standard products, including: baking trays and moulds, baking and transport trolleys, stainless steel furniture and tables, doughnut-filling machines and fryers, display and transport trays as well as various accessories


Thanks to our technologically…

… advanced machinery, we are able to fulfil orders quickly and efficiently. We use modern technologies for production (alphanumeric machines, laser, CNC). Our technology department and manufacturing processes are based on digital geometric modeling using software and systems operating in the CAD, MCAD and 3D CAD SolidWorks systems.


We fulfil individual orders…

… and support solutions developed by our clients. Process documentation is prepared for each product manufactured on request, which allows for repeating the order even after a few years.


About us

Owing to our own advanced manufacturing infrastructure, we offer state-of-the-art coatings for baking trays and moulds, which allow for significant savings in bakeries and patisseries. We manufacture very durable AluSteel products. We can also apply non-stick coatings (silicone and polymer based) to custom-made baking trays and moulds.

Backblechkönig employs highly qualified and experienced specialists who understand the specific requirements of the bakery and patisserie sectors.

Through an intensively cultivated exchange of experience with our customers, we have a far above-average level of knowledge, which is reflected in the high quality of our goods.

In addition, we can respond to many special requests of our customers.

We always have an open ear for our customers’ problems and solve them in the shortest possible time through flexibility and dynamism.

We would be pleased to count YOU among our satisfied customers. Check us out!